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So let’s just say I REALLY loathe it when I’m in group projects and others expect me to do all the work. I’m always the leader when it comes to group projects and just ughhh it never works out. ever. I’m always the one staying up the latest because they don’t care about their mark but i do. I just wish I could sit back and relax for once while others fucking scramble through their own work. Then THEY can see the pressure and the overall mark will be relying on THEM. the thing is that I DON’T TRUST THEM ONE BIT. I don’t trust them with my mark so i never relinquish the leadership. I feel like screaming “Do you orn fucking work for once!” and get an ass behind you (lol no pun intended)

okay cool

Okay so I think I’m just going to turn this into a personal blog where I post random comments about my life idk

I still love it :) (because it was the basis of my main blog soleire)

so erm hi c:


Mumford and Sons - “White Blank Page”

The Owls Network is accepting new members! We’re looking for 5-10new members for the network and group! 
RULES (same as the First Generation):
Mbf the creators Owlaholic and Soleire
reblogs only please
Be an active member, and have some spunk! 
Follower count does not matter (we’re looking for great personalities and a variety of good-looking blogs)
for a better chance: follow blogs from the network here and/or make a post about why you want to be in the owls! tag it theowls
Good luck everyone! We will be choosing once this reaches a good amount of notes (within the next week or so)
**If you have any questions feel free to ask either of us, we’re always here to help

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